š.ÿ (yingz) wrote,

Why do I take this lonely road nobody to walk with me?

I feel like the universe is off balance. A recurring sadness, a recurring thought. It lingers, and its causing all these anxiety.

I'm supposed to enjoy the travelling, but in the current situation (or lack thereof), its really hard to enjoy the going away part. I always pictured myself to settle somewhere other than Singapore. It has been a dream of mine throughout these years. I thought with the constant being away, I would at least feel close to achieving that. But its not. I feel sad every time I have to leave. Its like being in preparation of the emptiness I'm probably going to feel.

I don't like the fact that plans can't be made. Not one bit. What if there is nothing more to look forward to? Does it die? Does this cease to exist?

I don't know anymore.
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